Adhesive and Sealants

  • Holdfast Bond It On Wood Glue
    Product Description: *- Bond-it-on hard-wood glue is a specially formulated adhesive for use on New Zealand native timbers *- Its special formulation allows for invisible glue lines, ease of sanding and adhesion of New Zealand's traditionally "unique" range of native timbers *- Applications: All timber and composite board joints *- Cannot be used: Underwater or… more
  • Holdfast Gorilla Glue
    Product Description: Gorilla Glue is a component, ready to use Polyurethane based adhesive with excellent water resistance Characteristics: *- Easy application *- Professional quality *- Foaming penetration action to full bond cavities *- Fast drying *- Water resistance: D4 (DIN EN 204) *- Can be used on damp wood Application: *- Interior application with frequent long-term… more
  • Holdfast Gorilla Grip
    Product Description: Gorilla Grip is a one-component ready to use, transparent polyurethane based construction adhesive Characteristics: *- Professional quality *- Transparent *- Fast curing *- Filling characteristic, suitable for uneven surfaces *- Waterproof D4 *- Solvent free Applications: *- Interior applications with frequent long-term exposure to running or condensed… more
  • Holdfast Gorilla Nailpower Pro Click&Fix
    Product Description: Gorilla Nail-power Pro Click&Fix is a one-component, self-expanding ready to use polyurethane foam Characteristics: *- Excellent adhesion on most materials, including Polystyrene (expect PE/PP) *- High thermal and acoustical isolation *- Very good filling capacity *- Excellent bonding and installing capacity *- 15% more yield *- 50% less propellant *-… more
  • Simson Primer P
    Product Description: Primer P is a liquid primer for improving the adhesion of several Simson products on porous substrate Applications: *- Pre-treatment of mineral substrates, such as brickworks, concrete and lightweight concrete *- Pre-treatment of wooden substrates, such as seams in teak wood ship decks For more information, please… more
  • Simson Primer M
    Product Description: Primer M is a "wash primer" for the improvement of the adhesion on closed substrates of several specific Simon products, based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP). Applications: *- Pre-treatment of plain aluminium, steel, cooper and brass surfaces *- Pre-treatment of powder coated metals *- Pre-treatment of lacquered metals (first make a test on the… more
  • Simson MSR Deck Caulk
    Product Description: MSR Deck Caulk is a one component, permanently elastic, fast curing sealant based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP).  MSR Deck Caulk has been approved for use in wall, ceiling and floor applications Features: *- Solvent and isocyanide free *- Very good UV resistance and ageing properties *- Neutral, odourless and fast curing *- Can be sanded after… more
  • Simson MSR Bedding Compound
    Product Description: MSR Bedding Compound is a one component; permanently elastic, fast curing adhesive/sealant based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP).  MSR Bedding Compound has been approved for use in wall, ceiling and floor applications. Features: *- Solvent and isocyante free *- Very good UV resistance and ageing properties; long time resistance against fresh and salt… more
  • Dow Corning 795
    Product Description: Structural glazing silicone adhesive Applications: *- Can be used for glass and acrylic *- 100% UV stable *- 80 year minimum life Installation: *- Should be direct wet applied to both surfaces *- Priming not recommended For more information, please visit:… more
  • Simson MSR Construction Adhesive
    Product Description: MSR Construction Adhesive is a one component, permanently elastic, fast curing construction adhesive based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) and has been specially developed for bonding and seal applications in the yacht and boat building industry. Features: *- Solvent and isocyanete free *- Very good UV resistance and ageing properties *- Neutral, odourless… more